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ZNetLive Unveils Cloud Shared Hosting and CloudNet Servers with Build Your Own Cloud Server tool

1 May 2013

Jaipur, India – May 1st, 2013 Asian Web Hosting provider ZNetLive today announced the launch of ZNetLive CloudNet server and ZNetLive Cloud Shared Hosting. The news coincides with the launch of ZNetLive SSD Hosting services.
ZnetLive’s CloudNet servers are based on 2.0GHz (or faster) processor, come with customer’s choice of operating system, access to multiple image templates for fast deployment and leverage Flex Images technology.
Flex Images image management and deployment system lets customers scale their cloud according to their real-time demand. A customer can scale up his cloud resources if he sees a sudden spike in traffic and scale down when the traffic recedes, thus paying only for his temporary cloud utilization rather than purchasing a permanent surplus of expensive, in-house hardware.
“Our CloudNet Servers come with Build Your Own Cloud server tool, which lets users custom configure number of cores, RAM and storage capacity. They can also seamlessly integrate CloudNet servers with the rest of our ZnetLive dedicated servers, virtual servers, automated services and additional CloudNet services,” said Mr. Munesh Jadoun, CEO, ZNetLive.
There are two storage options available with the CloudNet servers:
  • Local Disk Storage Primary storage implemented at RAID 10 with faster input/output speeds and is ideal for storage-intensive applications and a lower total cost of operations.
  • SAN Storage A primary storage solution, featuring automatic recovery for higher hardware resiliency and compute-intensive applications.
Interested customers can deploy their ZNetLive CloudNet Servers in a total of 7 Data Center locations:
  • AMS01 – Amsterdam – Western Europe
  • DAL01 – Dallas – Central U.S.
  • DAL05 – Dallas – Central U.S.
  • SJC01 – San Jose – West Coast U.S.
  • SEA01 – Seattle – West Coast U.S.
  • SNG01 – Singapore – Southeast Asia
  • WDC01 – Washington, DC – East Coast U.S
Also unveiled alongside CloudNet servers is ZNetLive Cloud Shared Hosting. An ideal solution for websites that need enterprise grade hardware & uptime but have no requirements of hardware resources of VPS or Dedicated server, ZNetLive Cloud Shared Hosting is available in three plans- Plus, Advanced and Premium. Plus plan is the cheapest one staring from Rs. 1069/mo and gives 10GB Web space. It is followed by Advanced and Premium plans which are priced at Rs. 1349/mo and Rs. 1959/mo and provide 20 GB Web space and 30 GB Web space respectively.
“Our new Cloud Shared Hosting services will help our customers keep their website & email downtime to a bare minimum,” said Mr. Munesh Jadoun, CEO, ZNetLive. “Our enterprise grade hardware is designed for full redundancy and there is no possibility of hardware failures whatsoever. We are thus one of the few providers that offer 100% Hardware uptime backed up by 24×7 support and a 30 day money back guarantee,” he added.
Interested customers have an option of two datacenters to choose from: US and Europe. For more information, pleaseclick here.