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ZNetLive Launches Enterprise Solutions; Big Data, Disaster Recovery, SaaS and more

2 May 2013

Jaipur, India-May 2nd, 2013 A day after launching SSD Hosting Services, CloudNet Servers and Cloud Shared Hosting, ZNetLive today unveiled a wide range of hosting and data center solutions specially engineered for enterprises.
Designed for providing enterprise grade services capable of delivering a higher level of performance, security, scalability & availability, the solutions include Big Data, Disaster Recovery, Enterprise Hosting, Virtualization, Web Apps and SaaS, Hybrid Environments and more.
“The volume of data that is being generated on a daily basis is huge and complex to such an extent that it is not possible to process it using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing. ZNetLive’s customizable big data solutions are high performance, cost-effective, easy to implement, highly capable, secure and scalable,” said Mr. Munesh Jadoun, CEO, ZNetLive.
“Our server options range from public cloud instances to enterprise class dedicated servers and our storage solutions are extremely flexible when it comes to read-write speed; thus suiting the demands of every client and delivering him the exact resources he needs as per his requirements,” he added. Customers can order engineered servers with hardware configurations and OS optimizations specifically for MongoDB. Providing best-practices MongoDB deployment, these servers have been developed in partnership with 10gen.
ZNetLive’s Disaster Recovery solutions provide global load balancing; geographically diverse DNS routing and hot swap backups to assuage the risk of any potential downtime.
“Our state-of the-art network storage eliminates all single points of failure and provides a restoration path for your mission-critical data,” said Miss Ruchita Gupta, Assistant Vice President, ZNetLive.
Along with disaster recovery, ZNetLive’s Enterprise hosting, SMB hosting, Application servers and Software-as-a-Service solutions are available in three plans-Basic, Advanced and Premium.
ZNetLive’s Hybrid Hosting solutions can be used for Cloud Bursting, Application Development and Corporate Virtual Desktop Deployment.
“We employ virtualization with in a dedicated environment to create customers’ own private solution that optimizes their technology resources and delivers a high level of scalability without any compromise on stability, cost, or efficiency,” said Mr. Jadoun.
ZNetLive’s virtualization services can reduce capital expenditures and energy costs by Hardware consolidation, reduce errors by OS standardization, improve time-to-market by rapid provisioning, reduce staffing costs by automation and improve availability, recovery, and flexibility by portability. They’re ideal for Private cloud, Disaster recovery, Business continuity, Maintenance windows, Load Balancing, Abstraction layer, Development and testing, Patching, Security and Thin client.