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ZNetLive introduces new Cloud VPS series powered by fast SSD to deliver enhanced levels of performance and efficiency

09 July 2018

Jaipur, India, 9th July, 2018 : ZNetLive (, India’s leading web hosting and cloud services provider, today announced the launch of its new Cloud VPS solution which leverages Solid State Drives (SSD) to provide businesses with servers that can provide faster services, reliability, high availability and security.
ZNetLive’s new Cloud VPS series is ideal for CPU intensive, memory intensive, high – performance and GPU computing. While the lowest plan comes with 1VCPU core, 2GB RAM and 30 GB SSD HDD, the topmost plan comes with 32VCPU cores, 224 GB RAM and 1800 GB HDD.
All plans come with 1 IP Address, server management panel, RAID1 storage, root access, OS support for CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu and free Plesk Onyx panel.
“Speed, efficiency, and agility are the compelling needs of forward thinking digital businesses today, who wish to fulfill their performance and security needs, while improving their TCO. But they face challenges with legacy infrastructure and storage technologies that throttle high speeds and do not support agility, rapid development times and innovation.
Our new Cloud VPS solution addresses these challenges and supports consolidation, agility and performance requirements of modern applications and businesses with scalable, highly available, security- enabled cloud computing and SSDs. Thus, businesses get dual benefits leading to high – performance computing,” said Munesh Jadoun, Founder & CEO, ZNetLive.
In addition, the denomination of dollar negatively affects Operational Expenditure (OpEx) of a number of businesses on cloud computing. ZNetLive’s cloud VPS infrastructure, being located in Indian data centers, can provide relief to such affected businesses and help them save good costs.
With new Cloud VPS solution, businesses can pursue innovative initiatives with features, including but not limited to:
  • Fast provisioning
  • Enterprise grade hardware
  • Increased flexibility and control
  • Broadest security levels by Plesk and security network secured by standard DDoS protection.
  • Free Plesk panel to manage VPS
  • Support for latest technologies like React, Docker, AngularJS, Drupal, GitHub, Magento, Node.js, WordPress and more.
  • WordPress Toolkit for WordPress management and security
  • Dedicated support via phone, live chat and tickets
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About ZNetLive
Founded in 2001, ZNetLive is a venture of ZNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd, an IT and Cloud solutions Provider Powering 100K+ Website and Applications across the globe. ZNetLive has been working closely with Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) on cloud technologies and enterprise solutions in India. All solutions based on leading technologies are built in-house by the ZNet’s development team.
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