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ZNetLive Announces “Two for One” SSL Deal, Offers SSL for 2 years at the price of 1 year

3 Aprial 2013

Jaipur, India- April 3rd, 2013 Asia’s leading web hosting provider ZNet today announced the presence of LimeStone Networks, Parallels and GlobalSign at ZNet Partners’ Summit ’13, a conference exclusively for it’s customers and partners on 6th April. The news comes 5 days after Znet announced that Mr. Pradeep Chopra, CEO, Digital Vidya, will be speaking at the conference.
LimeStone Networks, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider, is Diamond Partner of the summit. “We are proud to be a Diamond partner of April 2013 Znet Partners’ Summit. It is a pleasure to help you with your upcoming event.”
Parallels, a worldwide leader in hosting and cloud service enablement and desktop virtualization will be Gold Partner at the summit. Parallels makes it easier for service providers to grow and Profit from the Cloud with service delivery software, expertise, and its partner ecosystem. More than 9,000 service providers rely on Parallels to profitably deliver thousands of applications and cloud services to more than 10 million small and medium businesses in 125 countries.
“We are super excited to host ZNet Partner Summit ’13 for our Partners & Clients in NCR. We promise this Partner Summit to be impactful and a leap forward in creating a long lasting relationship with all our clients,”- said Mr. Munesh Jadoun, CEO, ZNet. “And special thanks go to the event partners Limestone Networks, Parallels and Global Sign,” he added.
GlobalSign, one of the longest established Certification Authorities (CA) and specialists in SSL Partner Programs, will be a Silver Partner at the summit. Formed in 1996 as one of the Internet’s original trust service providers, GlobalSign has over the years issued millions of trusted Digital Certificates to people, servers and mobile devices for Public Key Infrastructure enabled solutions and applications.
ZNet describes Partners’ Summit ’13 as an effort to reinvent the wheel of partnership. “For us , partnerships aren’t about the machinery, the bits and bytes of software and the hardware in between. Or about the whizzing streams of data that pass between emails and websites; but about the relationships forged and the people and businesses we can support,”- said Mr. Munesh Jadoun, CEO, ZNet. “We believe that its of paramount importance to collate all our partners , their core skills and competences and present to each other real opportunity and access to the resources we have in store for each other. We aim to ensure that from now on the working relationship we seek and develop is a two-way process and that we deliver what is required to all parties concerned. The ultimate aim is to create business opportunity for everyone, build stronger bonds and enhance our skills and knowledge.”
“This is the first of the many partner summits to be held throughout the year in major cities of India. We wish to reach out to every single customer we have and get to server him better.” added Mr. Jadoun.
Scheduled for April 6th, the summit’ll be held at PepperMint Hotel, Gurgaon. Registration is Free and on the First come first server basis. Updates related to the event can be found at the official FB and Twitter account.