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ZNet Releases WHMCSExtras

10 February 2012

Announces 4 admin area WHMCS Addons to enhance the working of web hosting company
Jaipur, India- February 10th, 2012 ZNet (, the web solutions provider , today announced the release of its new venture – WHMCSExtras ( WHMCSExtras focuses on enhancing the WHMCS with various Admin area add-ons. The company has released four add-ons till date – Renewal Addon, Upsell Addon, Partner Addon & Client Profile Addon.
With WHMCS Renewal Addon, one can effectively manage the renewals with proper follow-ups reminders and filtration with multiple search criteria. Upsell addon helps in suggesting an extended range of services to clients.
WHMCS Profile Addon asks various profile related questions to clients through a client survey in WHMCS client area. Partner Addon helps in managing partners by creating various slabs and setting discount percentage for each slab & product groups.
Munesh Jadoun, Founder & CEO, ZNet Technologies, quoted, “With WHMCSExtras addons, the web hosting companies can enhance their business. These addons are developed by taking into consideration the needs of web hosting company. We are in the process of developing various addons and will soon release them in coming months.”
All the addons comes with three pricing options – free trial, lease & owning the addon.
About ZNet
ZNet, the pioneer in web solution provider, works actively on providing various online solutions with its venture – ZNetLive, Iconcube, WHMCSExtras, Themechilly, etc. Established since 2001, the company is serving the clients across the globe with 24×7 support & superior customer service.