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ZNet Launches To Offer Dedicated Hosting Hiring Solutions.

31 October 2010

Jaipur, Rajasthan- 31st Oct 2010 ZNet Technologies, India’s 4th largest web hosting company, has launched ( to offer Dedicated 24×7 Server, Technical & Sales Support Services to the global clientele. Its services can be availed by the web hosting companies for hiring dedicated personnel to manage their technical & sales services.
According to the announcement, the company stated that it will focus on providing three types of services, namely Technical Services, Technical Hiring and Sales Hiring.
ZNet stated that technical services will include Server Administration, Initial Server Setup, Server Monitoring, Server Backup and VPS Administration. The technical and sales hiring will be provided for three levels – Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 with each level personnel competent in providing a specific level of technical/sales services.
“To excel in providing technological/sales manpower solutions” ZNet Technologies CEO Munesh Jadoun said in a statement, “ZNetsupport will serve as an experienced support partner for web hosting companies. Our 10+ yrs experience in web hosting industry gives us the competencies required for starting this new venture. We been the India’s fastest growing company is sure to replicate the same success for ZNetsupport too.”
Talking about its manpower, the company stated that the rigorous hiring process provides them with the best manpower that is not just technically sound but professionally groomed too. differentiates itself from other support partners by offering experts with 2+ years of experience who gets trained on a continuum basis.
Holding its success in the Indian ground, by been ranked as 5th Best Local Search Company (India) for three consecutive months, the company has also launched various international ventures, ZNetlive been one of them and been the next.