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ZNet India Launches Hosting/Server solutions for ISV’s

4 December 2008

Jaipur, India-December 4th, 2008 ZNet India (, a leading provider of Web Hosting, Dedicated and Enterprise web hosting solutions, today launched their new and improved Windows Dedicated & Hyper-V VDS Plans, which includes many new and exciting service & software’s at no cost. We have launched these services specially for ISV’s (Independent Software Vender’s) & Portals.
The website is designed by ZNet India Development Team. This is a exciting result of last 6 Months
One of the most important service we have launched is Managed/Unmanaged Windows Dedicated Hosting. We are providing Dedicated Hosting with many new and improved software & services. Due to strategic partnership with DotnetPanel, Smartartools, Microsoft. We are providing many software which are available at no cost with each dedicated We are providing DotnetPanel Standard, Smartermail, Smarterstats, Smartertrack, RAID 5 Enterprises Backup of 50GB, Shared 500MB MS SQL space, MacAfee virus scan, Microsoft SQL Server 2008* with no additional charge.
Along with Dedicated Hosting we have also launched very first Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Dedicated Hosting in India. We are providing all above software’s & services also with each VDS with no additional cost. Hyper-V is useful for those ISV’s or portals/websites that require dedicated environment with low resources then dedicated servers. Hyper-V VDS is quite similar to dedicated hosting, just a deference in allotted resources only.
What is Hyper-V Powered VDS hosting?
Hyper-V is a hypervisor-based technology that provides true hardware virtualization with heavy isolation from other virtual machines on the physical server. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) powered by Hyper-V gives you the control and performance of a Windows 2008 dedicated server without the costs. Learn more about the technology.
Customer can take the dedicated & hosting management services with additional charge. However, we are proving free 2 hrs/Mo. Admin consultancy with each dedicated and VPS Hosting.
Hosting/Server solutions for ISV’s
As we have mentioned that we are providing complete bundle of Hyper-V VDS and Dedicated Servers due to strategic partnership with DotnetPanel, Smartartools & Microsoft. So, you don’t have to invest huge amount to deploy your own server. We have readymade Windows Server Solution for you, anytime. Like, If you want to host your application/software on a independent server then, we have bundled dedicated hosting solution for you. Or If your application/software want dedicated hosting environment but cannot invest equal to dedicated server then we have Hyper-V VDS solution for you. Either you can take independent Hyper-V VDS from us or you can take a Fully loaded or managed dedicated server with Windows 2008 Datacenter Edition (64bit), Windows 2008 Virtual Machines, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Dotnetpanel Hyper-V Manager and the bundle pack, as described above (If required) and then you can create your own Hyper-V VDS yourself.
“Please accept and convey my heartiest to the entire ZNet India team on the launch of the very first commercial offer of Hyper-V in India .YOU ALL MAKE US PROUD” Said: Gurpreet Singh Ahuja- Microsoft Hosting Business Head India.
We have also launched preconfigured most suitable server solutions as per market survey. Customer can choose Web Server, Database Server, Mail Server, Cluster Server & Storage Server solutions. More information is available on website.
About ZNet india
ZNet India provides a wide array of options for small to medium sized businesses. The options range from basic web hosting services and dedicated server packages to sophisticated enterprise solutions All of the options are explained in detail on the site, allowing visitors to make better informed decisions.
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