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ZNet Launches RackNap: A Cloud Service Delivery and Business Automation Platform

RackNap aims to enable cloud providers, web hosters, telcos, and infrastructure providers to deliver cloud services alongside their legacy products, with complete automation of their business cycle from a unified platform, and get rid of dependency on multiple software.
New Delhi, India; March 18, 2016 – ZNet Technologies, the leading cloud and web services provider since 2001, announced today the launch of RackNap – a cloud service delivery and business automation platform. The first of its kind unified platform, RackNap, aims to enable the cloud and IT service providers with complete cloud service business cycle automation across several modules – Marketplace and product display, Billing and pricing, Service configuration and delivery, Sales and marketing, Inventory and assets monitoring, CRM and support management, Multi-tier partner channel enablement, End- customer panel, and Business analytics.
While RackNap has been built in-line with the needs of cloud service providers, datacenters, telcos and web hosters, it is functionally rich enough to support any business that provides products and services on subscription-based pricing models.
“Currently, cloud service providers have to rely on multiple applications to manage different facets of their business – support, CRM, sales and marketing, inventory and service delivery; which mars the end-to-end automation. RackNap, with its diverse modules and functionalities, will serve as a stand-alone, self-sufficient and unified platform for the cloud providers, helping them get rid of the mismanagement and manual processing that stems from dependency across several applications,” said Munesh Jadoun, Founder & CEO, RackNap.
“RackNap will also make datacenters, telcos and web hosters, who wish to add cloud services to their existing product portfolio, ready-to-go to sell cloud. They already have a huge infrastructure, technical competencies and an existing customer base; all they need to sell cloud is a unified platform that can automate the complete customer lifecycle, and RackNap provides them just that,” he added.
RackNap is currently integrated with, and has capability to automate complete product delivery cycle of Microsoft Azure, Openstack, OnApp, Amazon Web Services, IBM – Softlayer, Parallels Cloud Services, LogicBoxes, Office 365, and Google Apps for Work, among others. Along with cloud services, providers can also deliver traditional web services as RackNap also comes integrated with cPanel, goMobi, SmarterMail, WordPress, Joomla, Opencart, Magento, WebsitePanel, etc.
The noteworthy product integrations in pipeline include OpenNebula, VMUnify, Acronis, Google Cloud Engine, Open – Xchange, VMware, Cisco WebEx, CloudFlare, SiteLock, SpamExperts, McAfee, BackupAgent, GoDaddy, eNom, and OpenSRS, among others.
“RackNap enables us to manage billing & provision services from multiple cloud providers like AWS, Azure, VMware and Hyper-V plus. Using RackNap, we have been able to expand globally and manage our Global Cloud Infrastructure in a single pane of glass. Apart from offering traditional web services like domains, web hosting, SSL; using RackNap, we are also able to plug in Next Generation Cloud Applications and offer it to our Cloud Partners with its 2-tier Partner model,” said Samir Jhaveri, Managing Director, XcellHost Cloud Services.
“RackNap has adapted as we scaled our cloud business, offering our employees, customers and partners a single view dashboard helping us significantly grow our business to next level,” he added.
RackNap comprises of eight key modules:
  1. Marketplace and product display platform: RackNap’s backend’s integration with a dynamic marketplace helps providers to auto-update pricing, plan configurations and inventory directly from backend with complete automation.
  2. Billing and pricing management: With multiple currencies, taxation levels and payment gateways support, RackNap’s fully compliant billing module enables providers to sell any service on any pricing model.
  3. Support helpdesk and CRM: RackNap’s helpdesk streamlines the call, email and ticket support; and provides support analytics with strong SLA management.
  4. Sales and marketing flow: RackNap provides visibility into complete customer acquisition life cycle – from marketing campaigns and lead generation to successful closure, and automates cross-selling and upselling for existing customers.
  5. Multi-tier partner channel management: Service providers can build a strong partner network by extending RackNap to their partners on 2-tier model, and enable them to sell their services with complete automation.
  6. Inventory management and monitoring: RackNap provides for easy management of hardware and software inventory with visibility into complete infrastructure across multiple datacenters, and efficient allocation of assets based on reporting and forecasting.
  7. RackNap member panel: RackNap’s member panel helps customers manage their relationship with the service providers with a single panel view of all the information – products, billing, support, etc. and provides them with self-serve options.
  8. Business intelligence and analytics: The most distinctive module of RackNap, Business intelligence and analytics module analyses complete organizational data and presents it to decision makers in simplified graphical formats at the click of a button and enables them to make proactive risk analysis, and make smart and timely decisions.
RackNap is available in different models to suit the needs of different businesses – as RackNap Hosted and RackNap On-premise. To enable existing web hosters, domain providers, datacenters, telcos, and even startups to start selling cloud services without upfront investment, RackNap is priced as low as $49/user/month. RackNap is also available for free demo with 2 user accounts with complete set of functionalities and all integrations.
RackNap comprises of eight key modules:
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About RackNap
RackNap is a Cloud Service Delivery and end-to-end Business Automation platform for cloud, datacenter, telco and web hosting industry. RackNap enables providers to sell cloud services on their own infrastructure, as well as via third party providers like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM – Softlayer, and more. RackNap covers all facets of business operations – Marketplace and product display, Billing and pricing, Service configuration and delivery, Sales and marketing, Inventory and assets monitoring, CRM and support management, Multi-tier partner channel enablement, End- customer panel, and Business analytics. RackNap is a business unit of ZNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. For more information, please visit
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